Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Looking to dramatically increase your available "cubic" space ?

Well, mezzanine floors can provide the ideal solution. By utilising unused or redundant vertical space in your existing premises, mezzanine floors add a new storage dimension at a fraction of the cost of relocation to new premises. Mezzanine floors can be installed in a wide range of industrial, commercial or retail environments by GOSTARESH PYDAR Solutions Ltd .

Mezzanine Floors & Structural Steel Floors

They can be designed and installed within a short period of time. Multi Tier solutions are also available. Utilise additional space with minimal disruption enabling you to focus on your business. Can be used to accommodate offices, bulk warehouse storage, production facilities, storage platform, clean rooms and showrooms.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform independent of a building structure, supported by steel columns. It creates additional floor space for a multitude of uses. They offer a cost effective and quick alternative to relocation, releasing unused space in existing premises with minimal disruption.