Pallet Racking & Racking Storage Systems

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

By utilising specialist equipment, the storage capacity in a narrow aisle pallet racking system is hugely increased. Our Narrow Aisle adjustable pallet packing system is designed for use with specialist handling equipment. Using this, the operating aisle between racking units can be greatly reduced, with up to 50% saving in aisle width. Narrow aisle pallet racking can also increase the density of storage available by utilising the floor area and building height more efficiently (up to double the stacking height). Narrow aisle pallet racking offers excellent accessibility of stored items and security is improved, as storage areas can only be reached by the specialist equipment. The more sophisticated handling features of the narrow aisle trucks also improve the safety of load handling, and as the trucks are guided by rail or wire systems within the racking units, the risk of damage is reduced, also resulting in lower maintenance.

50% Saving On Aisle Width

Achieve up to 50% saving in aisle width with Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, increasing the storage area available by maximising the use of floor area and building height. Features: • Increases storage space
• Improves operational effeciency
• Improves productivity
• Improves health and safety
• Low maintenance

Pallet racking

Basic characteristics

• Direct access to all items
• Free bay allocation
• Available for manual/automatic racking operations
• Random bay selection possible
Multi-bay racking is the most commonly used racking system. In contrast to single-bay racking, several pallets are stored on each level between two racking uprights. In the standard format, they reach heights of 8 to 10 m. They can be extended up to 12 m for use in high-bay warehouses and up to 40 m with automated operation. With additional depth support, pallets and other load aids can be stored crosswise if necessary.

Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive in pallet racking is the solution for maximum density of storage by using racking to its fullest potential. Drive-in pallet racking is specifically designed for handling products where maximum density and economical storage is required over stock selection or rotation, and where easily damaged or fragile loads can't be block stacked. The drive-in pallet racking system is the most efficient, cost-effective bulk storage solution for pallets, maximising floor space and cubic capacity - flexible, adjustable and with the very latest operational safety standards.

Maximum Density Storage

Normally not requiring any specialised handling equipment, drive-in pallet racking offers excellent access to each panel load using traditional trucks. A key design feature incorporated into the system, includes a profiled pallet rail that automatically centres the pallet to ensure that loads are always square to the pallet lanes. This ensures that the pallet is always presented correctly to the operator, promoting safe handling, ease of use and reducing risk of damage. Features: • Low investment
• Adjustable and adaptable
• Suitable for most products
• Fast product access
• High density storage capacity

Single Bay Racking

Basic characteristics

• Direct access to all items
• Free bay allocation
• Fifo method
• Available for manual/automatic racking operations
• User-friendly order picking
Single bay racking carries one load unit per bay between two uprights on each level. Angle profiles arranged in depth direction take on the shelf function – additional space is gained through the emission of beams.