Warehouse Planning, Design And Build

Our in-house CAD facilities enables our to provide clients with bespoke and detailed scale plan view drawings, exploded 3D representations of the plan in full or in part, and an automatically generated complete bill of equipment to enable racking and MHE suppliers to provide accurate quotations for supply and installation. There has been a recent surge of enquiries for warehouse design assistance. This is an encouraging sign as it indicates that based businesses are investing in their supply chains and that they are recognizing the value of a well designed warehouse/distribution centre. A clear design strategy is required from the outset. An effective design will consider the often opposing needs of storage and picking functions. warehouses that have been designed to maximize the amount of utilized space the tendency will be to complicate the picking process. Large open storage solutions often mean Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) running empty and traveling over greater distances therefore making picking inefficient. This can be overcome with a Warehouse Management System and using advanced techniques, such as dual cycling, but these are often not present in a new facility. "The final presentation and proposals exceeded our expectations and provided us with a comprehensive overview of suggested warehouse layout designs, material flow routes, storage system options and projected equipment costs. More importantly it has provided us with the 'peace of mind' that the proposed new facility enables us to optimise space utilisation and meets our requirements in terms of anticipated organic growth.